Limited Edition

The Limited Edition is a part of our new SpecialCollection. There are planned two strongly limited editions a year, whereas we have shortlist about 20 woods. The announcing of each other's edition will take place over our website (News) and via e-mail newsletter some weeks before starting order processing.
As we just accept high quality woods out of controlled cultivation, the circulation will act in pursuance with the available quantity at this time. These special woods are even much less frequently, therefore each edition will be unique and just consists of some hundred needles.
The price will be set near order processing, because each one has to be calculated individually. These prices will not only be composed of the extreme high material costs, which are many times higher than our anyway noble woods of our BasicProgram, but also of the severity of processing and the available quantity. The smaller the quantity the more complex the production.

No.1 Snakewood
(Piratinera guianensis)

Snakewood Snakewood grows in South America and on the Lesser Antilles. On base of its high density about 500kg/m³ it is difficult to handle and the surface treatment has been operated with reasonable care.
Such a deciduous tree becomes high to 25m and has a diameter of up to 1m. The beautiful snake-similar grain occurs however only in the core, therefore even this part of the snakewood belongs to the most expensive ones worldwide.

No.2 Pink Ivory
(Berchemia zeyheri)

pink ivory Pink Ivory , also called Red Ivory, umNini or umGoloty, is a very rare African wood used to make luxury products (for example billiard queues and knives). The Pink Ivory tree grows predominantly in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa. The wood is extremely hard and has a density of 990 g/dm³.
Pink Ivory is the royal tree of the Zulus because only the royal family were allowed to possess the wood. Anyone else possessing the wood (including foreigners) was said to be punished with death.