Pink Ivory

Pink Ivory - Tree
About the wood

Pink Ivory is one of the most precious woods in the world. It is only used in the production of furniture, instruments and luxury goods. The evergreen deciduous tree grows in South Africa. It can be found in open woodland, fields, rocky hillsides and along rivers. It can grow to about 49 feet.

The tree is called "pink ivory" because of its pink-beige coloring and the high density of the wood of around 1, which means that the wood is dense enough to sink in water. The color of the wood varies — the heartwood has shades of pink and red, the color of the sapwood ranges from yellow to cream.

According to an old legend, the Zulus called pink ivory the “royal wood“ because only the royal family was allowed to own it. Anyone else possessing it had to fear capital punishment.

Pink Ivory - wood
About the needles

After preliminary grinding we discovered that the wood yields a wonderfully smooth surface due to its fine porous structure.

Pink ivory does not have the same lively grain patterns as rosewood or kingwood. Instead, every needle is a different shade of color, though at times the color of the wood changes within the same needle, which creates a lovely visual effect.

Knitters who like to work with darker sock yarns will appreciate the contrast the needles’ lighter colors provide against the yarn.

In contrast to the types of wood used in our basic needle selection, pink ivory has a longer fiber structure. As a result, even though the wood is very dense, it still is very flexible and thus a real alternative for those among us who knit very tightly and manage to bend or break needles made from other materials. Needles made from pink ivory can even be bent back to their original shape. Because of these characteristics we have also decided to start using pink ivory in the production of our cable needles.

Pink Ivory - needles
Available needles

We are offering the special edition as double-pointed needles either as sets of 5 or as 5+1 sets, which include a backup needle.

Available needle lengths: Available needle sizes:
  • 18cm(7.9 inches)
  • 15cm(5.9 inches)
  • 12cm(4.7 inches)
  • 10cm(3.9 inches)

  • 2.5mm
  • 2.75mm*(US 2)
  • 3.0mm
  • 3.25mm(US 3)
  • 3.5mm(US 4)
* special size without imprint
Pink Ivory - package

Each customer receives a designer needle case with magnetic catch specially for DPN’s or Crochet hooks, the perfect gift package. The material is paperboard with fine texture in black and terracotta, inside with padding like velvet.

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Thursday, December 13th.

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