For us it is very important that you are satisfied with your HOLZ & STEIN needles for a very long time. When using them correctly, repairs will rarely be necessary. Usually a mishap is the reason for breakage: you sit down on it or kids, dogs and cats use it as a toy. In that case, please send the needle that is in need of repair to us.

If technically possible we will repair your needles. Here are some examples:

  • if the knobs of straight and kids' needles or the strings of the circulars and the flexibles after some time of usage get loose
  • if after some time of usage the wood shows sharp or cracked areas

Prices on request. Smaller repairs in combination with a new order are often carried out for free.


If repairing the needle(s) is not possible, substitution is the only alternative, e.g.:

  • if one of the double pointed needles of a set is broken you can order the single item
  • the same applies for straight needles, kids needles and flexibles
  • if one side of the wood of a circular needle is not reparable we can replace it with new wood

The price will be calculated proportionate plus the common shipping costs.