decorating with flair

decorating with flair

scarf brooches

Broschen Perl. 3

shell brooches

Especially stable shells have been chosen for these pearl brooches: the natural green Abalone and the natural white goldfish shell. This white shell can be dyed perfectly, so that we can offer them in several colors. The brooch pins are made of ebony and finished with 935 silver ball.

Tuchbroschen aus Edelholz

noble wood brooches

  unicolor / bicolor / tricolor

  • up to 54 options
  • 2 shapes: triangle and circle
  • 3 wood types: ebony / rosewood / kingwood
  • 9 variants of brooch pins
Buntjaspis, Ebenholz

double brooches

  • 2 small gemstone disks combined with
  • 1 ebony needle and gemstone ball
Broschen Stein

gemstone brooches

These brooches are not flat discs, but thickly curved gemstones that are especially made as cloth jewelry with exact opening, so that the brooch pin has the perfect hold. The choices are: Snow Obsidian, Autumn Jasper, Landscape Agate, Picasso Jasper, Fossil Jasper, Crazy Lace Agate and Petrified Wood. The brooch pin is made of ebony and topped with a gemstone ball.