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Some parts of this website require the activation of JavaScript.

This web application first acts as the provision of all information about the company "Holz & Stein" both their products and contact details. These basic requirements should be available for everyone although without activated JavaScript and that is our concept, too. But on the other side we want to increase the usability with the help of dynamic navigations and animations in order to provide you an uncomplicated and pleasing sojourn.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript (once LiveScript) has been developed by Netscape in cooperation with Sun Microsystems and has got nothing to do with Java. The renaming just took place by marketing needs, because Java has been developed at the same time and the syntax based on it. JavaScript is a scripting language and not a programming one. It also means that the scripts will be saved and sent to the clients in plain text and won't be compiled before, so you are able to take a look at the source code whenever you want. These source codes with the suffix ".js" are saved in every browsers cache and can be opened with a basic text editor like Windows' Notepad.
JavaScript will be executed in a so-called Sandbox where the software is isolated from the rest of the system. So on the one hand the scripts can do no damage and on the other one the effects can be recorded. So it is warranted that the scripts will be executed in isolation and that they can only access objects which are part of the browser and not the user's file system for example.

Why JavaScript?

Not only due to the fact that especially in rural regions still now many homes are not able to get a DSL access, but to increase the performance on the whole will the navigation be realized by scripts on clients' side. That means your internet connection and their server will be balanced. Furthermore you have not to wait for finished loading the site after every click, because many changes especially graphic ones can be done by JavaScript at runtime without reloading the website. This is a very great advantage in the concept of our gallery in view on the performance. There are many other useful applications realizable with JavaScript, but just changing a graphic while the mouse moves over one (MouseOver-effect). We also use this technology to display the dynamic navigation menu and in order to provide the Information about products comfortable by switching the visibility of a layer on and off while moving the mouse over or out of them.

Is JavaScript a safety risk?

No, excepting to annoy the user with self-opening windows, the deactivation of the right mouse button or something like that is JavaScript no safety risk. This point of view arose from panic mostly based on wrong interpretations on media sides some years ago. Today, JavaScript is activated in all common browsers ex factory. In fact of the Sandbox principle it is not possible to access to the users' file system or other objects outside the browser. There is only one known method to do so by controlling ActiveX elements via JavaScript, but then you have to ask yourself how far you should activate those ActiveX elements in your browser.
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